Birgitte Thoelen


East Sussex, London and the South East


Specialises in:
– Mental and physical health
– Recovery and Rehab
– Mindfulness


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Personal Statement

Birgitte Thoelen
Art Therapist

Everybody goes through challenging times over the course of their life. Negative past events, painful feelings and confusion can be difficult to process. My work is about helping you feel more whole and connected, to be more fully yourself in relationships, and to be able to feel your emotions without getting too overwhelmed or controlled by them. I believe everybody has the capacity and the right to live a fulfilling and meaningful life.


I integrate Mindfulness techniques, creative process and talk therapy. These creative methods used in a safe environment are empowering as I work alongside you where you are able to identify a theme of importance and through the therapy process build self-esteem, gain helpful strategies to cope with and manage the challenges you are dealing with.

I am qualified as an Art Psychotherapist and am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and the British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT).   


Areas of special interest:

  • Art Therapy in the context of mental and physical health recovery and rehabilitation
  • Loss of direction and purpose 
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Mindfulness
  • PTSD


I predominantly work with adults, adolescents and elderly client groups
My private practice is based in Lewes, East Sussex.


Call me: 07948343003


Client Testimonials:
“Coming to a crossroads, I needed to find clarity on what to do next… Birgitte helped me uncover and explore at depth my driving force and why I’m drawn to certain situations or people. The creative process was enjoyable (I felt like a child again and didn’t want to stop), but it also made me think in a different way, exercising parts of my brain that rarely get exercised, to uncover what perhaps verbal therapy would not have tapped into.
Birgitte was encouraging and the space felt safe. I could be open and say or create whatever came into my head with complete freedom.” — Nisha Vesuwala, Learning Consultant, Lewes


“Tough guys can do it too. Don’t knock until you’ve tried it! I was a sceptic about these sorts of exercises but ultimately, I recognised that I had found out something about myself and what had been bothering me. I loved the seamless nature of the process where each exercise built on the last to get you to an insightful place with the least effort.” – Eddie T

“I thought the workshop was brilliant I’m still brimming from it. It was like holding up a mirror and enjoying what you see. It was generally quite fascinating as to how much perspective was achieved with so little thinking! I would really recommend this to anyone who would like to face themselves a little deeper in a positive and fun way.” – Alice B

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