Denise Scicluna

Denise Scicluna


Online Only (Based in London)


Specialises in:
– Adult Mental Heath
– Education
– Anxiety
– Mindfulness
– Clinical supervision
– Online therapy


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Personal Statement

Denise Scicluna MA
Art Psychotherapist. HCPC, BAAT registered

My practice stems from the belief that everyone is innately creative. Most of the time, our minds (or ego) tell us otherwise. You might be familiar with the thoughts “I am bad at drawing” “I can never make art” and “I cannot even draw a line“.


My therapeutic approach is Jungian based and psychodynamic and it also incorporates a mindfulness framework.

I passionately believe that art-making and creativity can be an act of self-care and a way of nurturing ourselves. When done in a safe and trusting space, art-making leads to healing and new ways of thinking. It connects people to their own limiting beliefs, narratives, self-critics, and other habits and patterns that might no longer be serving them anymore.

In simpler words, with the support of a professional and compassionate art therapist, the art-making process brings the unconscious to a conscious level.

Engaging in art therapy doesn’t require any artistic talents or qualifications – it is a safe, and non-judgmental space where there is no right and wrong. In a world where we are constantly judging and labelling behaviours and actions as good or bad, art therapy offers relief from that way of thinking.


Sessions involve a blend of art-making and exploring your creative process and art together. You are welcome and encouraged to make art in between sessions which we can then explore in our session together. I will guide you with building a creative space in your own home and familiarising yourself with a range of art materials that you will use in our sessions.


Areas of special interest:

  • Working with busy working professionals who want to slow down and connect with their creative side as a way of moving forward in life.
  • Connecting with purpose and more play in life
  • Anxiety, overwhelm, and over thinking
  • Mindfulness and slowing down
  • Facilitating creative workshops for adults and busy working professionals

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