Paolo Plotegher

Location: Glasgow, Scotland 

Specialises in:
– Adult mental health
– Child and adolescent services
– Education/schools
– Mobile art therapy service


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Paolo Plotegher, PhD
Art Psychotherapist

*Please note I am now working online, both over the phone and using video.
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My approach to art therapy is psychodynamic and “client-centred”: my way of working is empathic, non-judgmental and exploratory. I bring relationships at the core of the therapeutic process, and I see my role as empowering people in their journey of healing. I consider central to art therapy the potential of collective creativity and non-verbal communication to repair damage, process traumas and nurture healing.

As an art therapist I have worked with adults in therapeutic community settings, in homeless hostels, and with young people in their home and within the community. I have experience with one-to-one sessions, open and closed group settings, and with organising art therapy provisions within institutions.

Areas of special interest: 
• Adult mental health
• Child and adolescent services 
• Mobile art therapy services 
• Therapeutic Communities
• Institutional Analysis 
• Homelessness and social exclusion 
• Migrants and refugees 
• ​Outdoor environmental art therapy 

I have worked with addiction, social exclusion, depression, anxiety, complex post traumatic disorders, sexual abuse, borderline personality disorders, dementia and psychosis. I have worked with clients of diverse class, race and ethnic backgrounds, LGBTQ+, cis and transgender, and clients with chronic pain and disability. 

I am especially interested in developing an outdoor environmental art therapy practice, drawing from experiences close to ecopsychology and earth-based spirituality.

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