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The Art Therapy Agency provides a reliable source of registered Art Therapists and Art Psychotherapists for sessional work, in a wide variety of settings from education to mental health, as well as individual therapists who offer private sessions.

Many therapists are now offering online art therapy as well. Please check our directory for current list.

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To find a suitable therapist, just click on one of the images below to browse a list of therapists working in that area.

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For more information on finding a suitable art therapist or advertising a position to our members, please speak with one of our specialist agents, who will be happy to help:

Working with Adults: Call 07939 406270 or Email Cate Smail 

Working with Older Adults/Dementia: Call 07810 195547 or Email Anne Stegmann 

Working with Children/Adolescents: Email Carol Ross

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For art therapists working independently, The Art Therapy Agency provides valuable support, peer supervision and CPD events.

To find out about joining our team, please get in touch with Cate Smail at arttherapyagency@gmail.com with your enquiries. 

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