What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy. The use of art materials in the sessions provides an additional way for clients communicate their thoughts and feelings. Art making enables self-exploration and the expression of emotions in a non-verbal way. This approach is helps people express things that may be difficult to talk about.

Who can benefit from Art Therapy?

Art therapists are flexible in the way they work and so can support a wide variety of individuals and groups in different environments. For example:
• Those in social or health care settings living with physical and/or mental health conditions. 
• Young people struggling with social, emotional or behavioural difficulties at school or in other educational establishments.
• Those in community support programmes such as refugees, the homeless, older adults, and other groups
• Individuals seeking a creative alternative to traditional talking therapy 

What are the advantages of Art Therapy?

Art therapy can encourage:
• The expression of thoughts and feelings that may be difficult to talk about.
• The exploration of imagination and creativity.
• The development of healthy coping skills for a variety of conditions such as depression and anxiety.
• Improved communication skills and self esteem.


To read about some client experiences of art therapy in action, please follow the link below:

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