Katherine Heritage


Brighton, London, Sussex


Specialises in:

– Carers groups and support

– Providing tailored groups for charities and organisations that support people

– Eldercare/Dementia
– Brain injury/Parkinson’s
– Women’s groups

-Online group art psychotherapy


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Personal Statement

Katherine Heritage, MA 
Art Psychotherapist

* Please note I am now able to offer online sessions


I am a qualified Art Psychotherapist registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). I am also a full member of the British Association of Art Therapists.

I have a calm, gentle and reflective style; ensuring that all those who I work with feel noticed and heard. Through this approach you are able to safely explore thoughts and feelings using the art materials. Together we can make links between your art, experiences and thoughts.

I work within a psychodynamic framework exploring emotions, thoughts and behaviours and how these are linked to our past experiences and relationships. My practice places emphasis on attachment styles and the impact of these across the entirety of our lifespan.

I place particular importance on supporting people who find themselves marginalised by society, whether through age, mental health, disability, ethnicity, identity  or socio-economic status. I am passionate about equality and seek at all times to ensure that my practice challenges oppression and lifts the voices of those who are marginalised. 


I really enjoy providing art therapy for community organisations and charities; in particular group art psychotherapy. Please contact me if this is something you think would benefit those you support in your organisation.


During the Coronavirus pandemic I have co-created and facilitated an ongoing project supporting Carers. We deliver funded online art therapy groups to those caring for someone. The online format allows us to still offer support during a time where there have been multiple lockdown restrictions, and where support services including day centres have been hugely affected by the pandemic.


Feedback from the online art therapy group sessions:


” Sometimes it’s difficult to find the words to describe emotions or how I am feeling. By attending these sessions I really feel that it has given me a lot more tools to deal with the things I need to deal with. It has also (provided) a way of being and relating while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation about myself and  building on self empowerment”


“Really enjoyed joining the group. It was diverse but we all had similar issues so you are not alone in your situation.”


A group member described the personal changes in their life since starting the sessions:  ” more connected, more perspective” Noting that it was: “very enlightening/revelatory to hear other’s experiences and outlooks”


Areas of special interest

– Carers support

– Group  art psychotherapy

– Community mental health and support services

– Dementia and other neurological conditions
– Non verbal and limited verbal communication
– Attachment
– Parent infant attachment and early parenting support 

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