Kim Harrison

Location: Online & Saddleworth (Greater Manchester)


Specialises in:
– Environmental art therapy
– Nature based mindfulness groups
– Adult mental health (anxiety, stress, burnout…)

– Family/ Child and parent sessions
– Autism


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Personal Statement

Kim Harrison
Art Therapist and nature-based mindfulness guide. Groups also available – see bottom of page for details of current open sessions.


*Please note I currently offer mostly online sessions via Zoom or Skype.

See below for FAQ’s on how this works or contact me for further details.


Explore your innate creativity. No artistic skill or experience necessary.

Use art-making to express and process emotions. Building a natural mindfulness toolkit can support this emotional processing, aid wellbeing and enhance future resilience.

Sessions can be for individual adults, groups, or families/parent and child together.


***No need to be outdoors at the time of your online session***


If you suffer from anxiety, stress, burnout, depression, family problems or work-related issues, having a safe non-judgemental space to explore challenges, memories or traumas can help you to heal and move forward. We can start wherever you are, you set the pace.


I know that taking the first step to reach out for support can feel difficult. If you drop me a brief email we can start with an initial, free, casual chat. You’re also welcome to have a taster session to see what sessions might be like before committing to future sessions.





I am a nature-based art therapist, drawing on a diverse range of trainings and approaches. My sessions are a blend of art therapy, eco-therapy and mindfulness. I offer one-off nature connection for wellbeing sessions, as well as longer-term individual, family, and group therapy.

I completed a BA (Hons) in Fine art and Printmaking at the Glasgow School of Art, then went on to complete a MA in Art Psychotherapy at Roehampton University.




• Anxiety and stress

• Burnout

• Feeling overwhelmed

• Managing change and major life transitions

• Feeling isolated/stuck

• Self-esteem/confidence

• Nature Deficit Disorder

• Eco-Anxiety and Climate 

• Emergency-related mental health issues

• Coping with long term chronic pain

• Coping with long term illness.





Art Therapy uses your creativity to help you process things, develop new understanding and new ways of relating. Sometimes it’s difficult to find words to describe emotions or memories, that’s where art can help. It’s not about creating masterpieces, it’s about self-expression where words fail.  There’s no need to be ‘good’ at art, it isn’t an art class. There’s no pressure to make art in every session.



Nature-based art therapy offers some unique additional elements. Inviting you to listen to your body and the rhythm of the natural cycles. Your creative participation will be invited using whatever you have to hand. This may be pencil and paper, junk from your recycling, old magazines, or fallen leaves, sticks, feathers collected from your daily walks. Whatever you feel drawn to use.

Exploring our connection to the natural world and its rhythms can lead us into greater wholeness.


I usually incorporate nature-based mindfulness and breathing techniques which can be a useful tool for self-care, calming, soothing, uplifting and focusing our presence in the moment.

Mindfulness involves optimising your awareness of yourself and your current surroundings, often using gentle breathwork, body scans, and tuning into our senses. This works really well outdoors with so much natural stimuni  i.e. listening to birdsong, feeling the sun or wind on our skin, touching the bark of trees or softness of moss etc (safely and within Covid guidelines)


Sessions are client-led and can be as verbal or non-verbal as you wish. You are welcome to have the video off or use the chat function sometimes too. Whatever helps you feel comfortable. We are all struggling with an excess of screen-time at present.

We could begin by checking in with each other verbally or using the text function on Zoom, then do some art-making (I might do some too). Perhaps we’ll chat a bit during the art making process if you want to / if things come up for you. Then we can look at the art together on-screen and see where that leads us.

For online sessions you will need connection to the internet and somewhere where you feel comfortable and won’t be disturbed (as much as is possible).


It might seem counter-intuitive but it works surprisingly well. I usually lead activities with people sat by a window. Wherever you are whether it’s urban or rural windows offer us at least the vastness of the sky and weather to wonder at. We can also do little outdoor excursions online together if outside space and internet data is accessible to you.



  • Many of us have discovered the mental and physical benefits of time in nature over the last year. It can be soothing for the nervous system, easing stress and anxiety, or uplifting and restorative i.e. birdsong and the vastness and majesty of the sky.
  • Deepening connection to nature can increase empathy, joy of being, and presence in the moment. It can also help us connect to ourselves and others.
  • Exploring our connection to the natural world and its rhythms can lead us into greater wholeness. A feeling of being held within something much bigger than our individual selves and our relatively fleeting lifespan’s.
  • Spending time outdoors throughout the year, watching and feeling seasons change, can develop a level of intimacy with the environment which we have sadly lost in our modern age.
  • We can often feel inexplicably ”at home” and comforted by time outside. We evolved to exist in the natural landscape, and our physical evolution has not had enough time to catch up with our technological and cultural evolution.



  • Commitment to own artistic practice and creative skills.
  • Empathetic and understanding.
  • Listening to clients needs – the client is the expert in their own life, helping them tap into their own self knowledge.
  • A calm, quiet, patient presence.
  • Reliability and punctuality.
  • Flexibility and adaptability.
  • Non-judgemental, heart-centred approach incorporating all aspects of the self (spiritual, emotional, mental, physical).
  • Organising and curating exhibitions.


Contact Kim by email
Or visit my website for more information 




Weekly drop in nature for wellbeing discovery sessions

Nature-based guided relaxation, gentle breathwork and expanding our sensory awareness to come into mindful presence. Easing stress and anxiety. More info and booking here.

Self care series.
3 part series exploring how nature connection and creativity can enhance self care routines. Treat yourself to space to relax and simply BE. Start the year as you mean to go on. Next series begins 1st Feb. See here for more details and booking.


Honoring the wheel: Celtic rituals and ceremonies throughout the seasons.

9 events throughout the year beginning in October 2021. Celebrating celtic festivals, journeying through the seasons. Allign with nature’s cycles. Space to BE & see ourselves mirrored in nature. More info and booking here.


Sisters moon circles: Nature-connection for wellbeing.

Honoring our cyclical nature. A space for women to come together, pause, rest, replenish themselves and simply BE.

We will weave a cocoon of deep rest around ourselves, incorporating guided visualisation, nature-based mindfulness, breathing and creative activities. More info and booking here.


Elemental Journey
A five-part series amplifying our connection to earth, water, fire, air. Deepening interconnection with the web of life. Easing stress, anxiety & depression. More info and booking here.




“My practice is holistically focused, influenced by my psychodynamic, Jungian and nature connection trainings. I see the whole person, integrating all aspects of the self; mental, emotional, spiritual and physical. I am passionate about recognising individuality and uniqueness, which I believe can be explored via artwork and non-conventional creativity. Artistic skill isn’t the focus, expressing yourself is.”



“I have witnessed art therapy and being out in nature empowering people, offering opportunities to take risks, to exert control, to be playful, to be experts in their lives and to explore and understand their inner/outer worlds, feelings and experiences. This can lead to increased resilience, increased academic performance, and decreased challenging behaviour.”

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