Natasha King


North London


Specialises in:
– Adults and children
​- Neuro diversity
– Depression
– Dementia
– Trauma and abuse


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Personal Statement

Natasha King, MA, HCPC, BAAT

Art Therapist


*Please note: online sessions now available. Contact me for full details.

Hello! My name is Natasha, I feel passionate about working with people who may feel displaced, stuck, uneasy or at a loss within themselves and their environment. I aim to help people feel more connected, accepting and compassionate towards themselves and others. I am trained using a psychodynamic approach and work in an integrative, person-centred and holistic manner.


I have experience working with both adults and children presenting difficult and challenging behaviours, depression, abuse, neglect, loneliness, trauma, people with intellectual disabilities, children and adults who are neurodiverse, non-verbal communication, and elderly clients experiencing dementia. 


Qualifications and Registration:
– MA Art Therapy 
– PG Diploma in The Therapeutic and Educational Application of the Arts 
– BA (Hons) Visual & Performing Arts
– Registered in UK with HCPC & BAAT
– Registered online with the DBS checking service
– Insured

Key Skills:
– Provision of a safe, non-judgemental and empathic space
– Attuned active listening 
– Ability to help clients feel relaxed and at ease
– Ability to help clients explore depth, metaphor and meaning using combined arts & play
– Ability to help clients explore personal narratives, to make useful links from past to present circumstances and if appropriate, to re-frame their experience
– Ability to sit with painful and difficult feelings
– Incorporation of Mindfulness and somatic awareness
– Comfortable working with non-verbal communication
– Dedicated to Continued Professional Development


My Art Therapy Approach
Art Therapy exists on a continuum (Hogan) ranging from the direct health benefits gained from the actual making and creating (referred to ‘art as therapy’) right through to the exploration of personal meaning and insight (known as ‘art in therapy’) This happens within the context of a safe, containing relationship with the Art Therapist, who acts as a witness, guide or relational ‘other’ for you to explore thoughts, feelings or internal conflicts. There is no pressure to make ‘pretty’ pictures since it is not necessarily about the end result. It is about you and your process, how you are feeling and how you choose to engage, interact (or not interact) with the art materials and the Art Therapist. I will endeavour to provide a confidential safe space for you to express yourself, regain or discover your authenticity, work through any difficult feelings, find some coherence and begin to feel more empowered and confident to face life’s challenges. 

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